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Any idea how #ChetanBhagat became one of the top selling authors?
Two key factors; #Marketing and #Presentation!

If you take care of these two things, the "content" of your products won't really matter. People WILL buy them.

A book could be (obviously) 10 times better than any of the Chetan Bhagat franchises, but it won't sell many copies if it doesn't get the kind of marketing that it deserves. Or maybe it lacked good presentation, so people were reluctant to buy it. But Chetan Bhagat is a genius at it. His marketing skills are way better than his writing skills. And of course, he pays in lakhs to the agencies and hire them to take of of the presentation and publicity. And BAM! He sells thousands of copies overnight.

The exact theory applies to #politics.

From #FDI in retail to #CurrencyBan, almost every big move of #Modi #Government is inspired from #UPAGovernment. The irony is, these are the exact same decisions which Modi and #BJP stood against when they were in the left.
But that doesn't matter anymore. Many people don't even remember all that. Why? Because #Congress lacked behind in "marketing" and "presentation"! On the other hand, Narendra Modi has learned the secret of being a good salesman. And trust me, if you're good at selling, you will reach the top!

While in the opposition, BJP was against these policies. They were trying so hard to make people believe that these policies by the #UPA Government will destroy #India. Now in power, Narendra Modi introduces the exact same policies and gets away with all the credits as a "revolutionary" leader.

How good of a human he is, I wouldn't be too sure about that. But when it comes to presenting himself to the world, he completely nails it! He is a marketing genius too. So much so that we call it "Modi Government" instead of "BJP Government". The way he does it, he can literally ask people to go to hell and they will be looking forward to the trip! (Just an impression).

Even though I have my reservations about BJP/ Modi Government, I know one thing. With such marketing intelligence, if they really decide to do some good for the people of the country, it WILL happen. IF!

Note: I am no one to impose my opinion on someone else. And I don't hate people for loving something that I don't. Just like Chetan Bhagat. A close friend of mine "loves" his novels. That is exactly how she says it, in quotes! But I don't mind. I'm mature enough to let people love what they want, even if it's a piece of sh*t. I'm fine as long as they don't rub it on my face.

   20 days ago